Following a site visit of our recently completed industrial warehouse project for JP Chandlers. We took our Thermal Imaging Camera along for a post installation walk round.

You might have to use your imagination with the photos.

The Left photo shows an UFH manifold next to a pedestrian entrance door, aside from the perimeter thermal bridges, the surfaces all have a relatively even and consistent temperature from the radiant heating system.  The Right photo shows some palletised products, all at an even temperature with the lighting at high level showing up as hot spots with a perfect comfort level for the workers and associate clothing levels.

During the visit, we managed to inspect the existing facility constructed in the year 2000. As you can see the new warehouse has a really even heat distribution compared to traditional direct gas fired heaters located at high level. Destratification fans must be used to blow all the warm air generated and collected at high level downwards. It’s a real energy waste.


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