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Comfortable, simple, efficient buildings

Passivhaus Design

We are UK Passivhaus designers and have delivered a variety of certified buildings.

Finalist for the 2018 Passivhaus Awards 

The Passivhaus standard is one of the most stringent efficiency standards, which ensures your building is designed and built to an exceptionally high standard.  Passivhaus embodies the back-to-basics approach we prefer and we use its methodology and calculation software for a wide range of projects.

Passivhaus can be applied to new and existing buildings.

“Greengauge have been invaluable in helping to achieve Passivhaus Certification on this challenging project.” Jon Martin, The Treehouse (as seen on Grand Designs)

Building Physics

The building blocks of designing comfortable buildings. We use a range of analysis techniques for a variety of problems.

  • Dynamic thermal modelling for overheating risk, natural ventilation strategy checks (we use TAS and IES).
  • Passivhaus PHPP: Fabric and glazing optimisation.
  • Thermal Bridging PSI: Heat loss through fabric junctions for PHPP, SAP, SBEM, moisture risk.
  • WUFI: Moisture risk assessment calculations for new builds and treatment of existing constructions.

Mechanical and Electrical Design (M&E)

Once the fabric of the building is as efficient as possible, we now service the building to ensure it can be used for the function it has been designed for, whether domestic or commercial, public or private.

We have a wealth of experience in designing the M&E for new and old buildings in particular relation to low energy buildings. We offer a wide range of services and can adapt our scope to the necessary level of detail required.

  • Planning and strategy – getting the energy strategy correct during a project’s early stages makes post-planning much simpler.
  • Heating and ventilation – strategically tied to our fabric first low energy approach, the heating, hot water and ventilation system is essential to achieving comfort.
  • Lighting and electrical design – servicing the building so it’s fit for purpose. We specialise in lighting design and can provide detailed lighting models to ensure effective lighting and efficiency.
  • Renewables and off-grid systems – when suitable renewable solutions are designed and integrated into the system.
  • Alarm systems.

“Your drawing could not be clearer . . and thank you again for all your hard work and support so far.” Claire Collins, Concept Interior

ARCHICAD 2D/3D Visualising MEP

We are very proud of our ability to produce 2d and 3d models and drawings and we are increasingly working on BIM projects. We use ArchiCAD MEP and both domestic and non domestic projects benefit from the use of our 3D modelling and ability to provide early detailed coordination.

Certification and Compliance

We provide Building Regulations Part L compliance calculations and certification for new build. As experts in building physics, fabric and M&E systems we are able to steer the team to achieving compliance or going significantly beyond, something increasingly requested at planning.

We regularly tie together our Passivhaus design approach with Part L to demonstrate how buildings can achieve the 35% improvements required for planning without creating hugely complex and expensive mechanical and electrical solutions. A positive outcome for tight sites.

“Those present when your staff member visited the Hall were impressed with the thoroughness, and the councillors found the report very helpful.”

Sue Capener, Stroud Town Council

Air tightness testing

Achieving exceptional fabric performance requires a high level of air tightness. We can provide air tightness advice and testing for Part L compliance and Passivhaus compliance. Greengauge is ITAS accredited to CIBSE TM23.

Monitoring and Commissioning

We are building our own monitoring systems for use in domestic and small commercial projects. This is used to monitor energy usage compared to design predictions and assist with commissioning post occupancy.