Greengauge are CIBSE certified Low Carbon Constultants (LCC).

A LCC is someone who is CIBSE certified as being able to provide advice on how to minimise energy use and carbon emissions from new and existing buildings both in design and operation. “They are able to go beyond the current legal minima in improving the energy performance of both new and existing buildings. Clients can be assured that buildings designed and operated by Low Carbon Consultants will meet the requirements of Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power) and Building Control Officers can be assured that compliance is being signed off by suitably qualified professionals. Members of the LCC Register have undertaken assessments to demonstrate their competence.”

What can a LCC design specialists do?

  • Confirm Part L2A Compliance against all five compliance criteria.
  • Advise on energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Advise on and design low carbon and renewable technologies.
  • Use passive design technologies to make the best use of shade and natural ventilation.
  • Deliver the information needed to manage the building effectively and ensure that it continues to perform to its design intent after handover.

What can a LCC Building Operation Specialist do?

  • Reduce a building’s energy costs.
  • Suggest and implement cost effective energy efficiency improvements to an existing building.
  • Incorporate low carbon and renewable technologies.
  • Advise on how to develop a corporate social responsibility agenda.

What can a LCC simulation specialist do?

  • Ensure accurate and complete carbon emissions calculations for compliance with Criterion 1 ADL2A.
  • Provide the calculations necessary for developing an Energy Performance Certificate.


How does this differ from a Low Carbon Energy Assessor (LCEA)?

Energy Assessors are Low Carbon Consultants who can also provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and/or Display Energy Certificates (DECs).

How do I find Low Carbon Consultants and Energy Assessors?

Greengauge can help with all the above as we are on the CIBSE online register of certifiers. (

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