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Thermal Bridging

Effective fabric first approach requires good detailing to avoid thermal bridging, which in well insulated buildings can amount to 15% of total fabric heat loss.

Our expertise in developing high performing building envelopes allows us to provide wide range of thermal analysis services.

We use state of the art software – FLIXO and COMSOL Multiphysics – to model two- and three-dimensional heat flow problems such as: complex U-value calculations with protruding elements such as façade connectors, linear thermal bridge calculations, Psi-values, point thermal bridge calculations Chi-values, assessment of surface condensation and mould growth risk, windows U-values according to ISO 10077 and more.

We have also developed tools to run thermal models in batches, changing several parameters such as material conductivities and thicknesses automatically, which can be very powerful in product development or in early design stages for comparison of different options.



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