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We design and model both internal lighting and external lighting, bringing both our knowledge of energy performance and our holistic design approach to ensure proposals are sensitive, effective and appropriate.

Well-designed lighting provides a wide range of benefits from the aesthetic to energy performance and to the protection and enhancement of biodiversity and ecology. We work with interior designers, planning and local authorities to ensure designs meet the desired requirements and standards.

For internal lighting we particularly like to ensure proposals offer flexibility and interest and controls are suitable and appropriate. It is often a case that less is more. Our in-depth knowledge of buildings and materials and considerations such as buildability and airtightness all influence our design selection.

With external lighting, whilst always reviewing designs with respect to the lighting requirements of the space, unnecessary and obtrusive lighting is something we really try to focus on. We are particularly conscious and sensitive to ecology and biodiversity, where increasing research is indicating the negative impact poor lighting can have on a wide variety of species.



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